The Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs have announced their support for the Matawa First Nations Chiefs and Councils in ensuring a strong Regional Assessment for the potential Ring of Fire mining development. The commitment was made after a joint meeting held in Toronto, June 14, 2022.

Mushkegowuk Council Grand Chief Alison Linklater expressed her appreciation for the historic meeting. “We look forward to increasing cooperation between our First Nations on a regional assessment to look at the cumulative impacts from the proposed mining developments in the Ring of Fire.” The Grand Chief said after the meeting. “We call on the Governments of Canada and Ontario to respect our Inherent and Treaty Rights to manage the impacts of mining on our lands and waters.”

The Mushkegowuk and Matawa First Nations are signatories to Treaty 9, which covers approximately two-thirds of the land area of Ontario. Through their Inherent Rights and Responsibilities, they are the stewards of the James Bay Lowlands, a globally significant wetlands complex and carbon sink.

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