Condolences to the Community of Attawapiskat on the Passing of Tenured CEO Wayne Turner

2023-02-27 | political office, Attawapiskat First Nation

Photo credit: Lorraine Koostachin Sutherland

Since 1990 Wayne Turner of Weenusk First Nation was the innovative Chief Executive Officer that successfully guided the Attawapiskat First Nation Administration and Operations. In monumental eras for the First Nation Wayne was a reliable source of support to leadership and the community.

Away from his duties as a servant of the First Nation Wayne remained a great friend and an example of compassion in the community.

From all of us at Mushkegowuk Council and Omushkego we appreciate your many years of dedicated hard work and we will miss you.

God Bless and Rest in Peace.

Alison Linklater

Former Grand