Spring Evacuation Update: Albany River

2023-05-11 | emergency management services, political office

The Albany River is an integral part of life to the people of this powerful water system and every spring we are reminded of its formidable strength.

Ice as thick as 6 feet is crushed by massive water current while carving and reshaping the river shores. At any instant the moving ice could barricade into place damming enormous amounts of water whose path then diverts onto the shores and into the communities.

Mushkegowuk Council Emergency Management Services are proud to have collaboratively worked with Indigenous Services Canada , the Provincial Emergency Operations Centre , Fort Albany First Nation and Kashechewan First Nation on the safe evacuation of the communities along the mighty Albany River.

Some Albany River evacuation notes:

Water sustains us but also can take life.  Our history as Omushkego is one defined by our close relationship with rivers, lakes, and large bodies of water.

For another spring we are honoured to have worked with the communities of the Albany River.

Alison Linklater

Former Grand Chiefgrandchief@mushkegowuk.ca

Wilbert Wesley