Statement from Chief Electoral Officer on Election Recount and Protest

2023-08-29 | Administration, General Election

Wacheya and greetings from the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer.

The office has been tremendously busy over the last 90 days. Furthermore, my responsibility is managing the election and ensuring that tasks of the process are completed by deadline in the election code.

In saying that, we are in the final stage of the active election process. However, following the in-person voting, correspondence from a candidate was received which requires more attention to detail of their concerns. As per the Mushkegowuk Council Election Code dated May 30, 2023, the following will apply;

Section 15.7 states:

“The Chief Electoral Officer and Deputy Electoral Officers shall conduct a recount at the request of a candidate who lost by less than thirty votes.”

Section 16.4 states:

“The Chief Electoral Officer will investigate any protest and make rulings on them according to this Election Code. Where there is doubt regarding the interpretation of the Election Code, the Chief Electoral Officer may bring the matter to the Council of Chiefs.”

In order to complete this part of the process, there are two (2) parts. The first part is a RECOUNT and the second part is a PROTEST. The recount will be complete by August 30, 2023 and an investigation has been initiated in regards to the protest. A final report of the findings of both the recount and protest will be made available to membership on September 4, 2023.


Sherry A. Davey

Former Chief Electoral

Download PDF of this notice here.