Our Hearts and Prayers to Those We Lost

2023-11-09 | Political Office

For all of us, finding strength to face the day ahead has become hard while bearing the mounting loss our communities endure.

In the midst of this darkness it becomes near impossible to foster the flame of hope that has sustained our people since First Light.

Please accept this message as a reminder that you are not alone in your grief and that the community stands by you with a broken heart. Know that all of Omushkego wished those we lost were still here to light our day.

To the families of those who left may strength be found in the memory and spirit of our fallen loved ones. Their soul will continue to comprise your family and be a foundation upon which your success, hope, and love will flourish in days to come.

Let the memories and stories we revisit of our loved ones guide us in our endeavours and lives.

Let us find strength in the peace that they now live.

Our hearts and prayers are with you all,

Walter Leo Friday

Amos Wesley

Deputy Grand Chiefamoswesley@mushkegowuk.ca

Natasha Martin

Deputy Grand Chiefnatashamartin@mushkegowuk.ca