2023 Christmas Greetings

2023-12-22 | Administration, Political Office

It is with great pleasure on behalf of Mushkegowuk Council that we extend the warmest Merry Christmas to you and your family.

The year behind us was challenging in ways that many of us could not predict and it is our hope that we all seize the opportunity this holiday season to recuperate and visit our loved ones.

In our celebrations, let us not forget those mourning loved ones lost and the less fortunate. We hold you close to our hearts this holiday and will remember you in our prayers. May your future be bright and accompanied by loving support.

To those celebrating a successful year, we are proud to stand by you and your accomplishments. Let the holiday season be your chance to truly reflect on the magnitude of your success and know that we appreciate the example you are for all of Mushkegowuk.

We wish you all continued health and prosperity in our journey forward together.

Enjoy time with your loved ones and have a Merry Christmas and a safe holiday season!

Walter Leo Friday

Amos Wesley

Deputy Grand Chiefamoswesley@mushkegowuk.ca

Natasha Martin

Deputy Grand Chiefnatashamartin@mushkegowuk.ca

Vern Cheechoo

Chief Executive Officerverncheechoo@mushkegowuk.ca