Arguably the most anticipated time of the Six Seasons is Spring in Omushkegowuk.

Together we arrive at the end of a winter with the promise of a bountiful harvest that will nourish us spiritually and physically. Our return to the land during this time is a return to our origin, health, and life as Creator gifted us. It is here where our ancestors lived the inspirational stories we tell today to enrich our hope and spirit.

Sadly, the resilient spirit within every person of Attawapiskat is truly being tested this spring and it is with immense heartache that we commit two of our loved ones back to the land.

The boundless life within our child lost so early will disperse across every one of our spirits strengthening our love for one another. We will carry you in our hearts through our successes, hardships, and ceremonies with gratitude for the warmth you shared in your time with us. You have made us all realize the infinite potential that exists within every moment of life.

No words could approach the tragic loss of the hunter on his way to spring camp.

Our prayers for a safe hunt to all our hunters has not been lost with you. We take comfort in your union with the ancestors and your beginning of the everlasting hunt with them. We look forward to joining you in harvests to come and will forever cherish the memories you have blessed us with.

Our sincerest condolences to all family & friends of these two radiant spirits.

Walter Leo Friday

Amos Wesley

Deputy Grand

Natasha Martin

Deputy Grand

Vern Cheechoo

Chief Executive