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WHEREAS the Moose Factory has a zone hospital to service the James Bay Communities, and;

WHEREAS the Moose Factory General Hospital is situated on the island and is only accessible by water, ice road and air by helicopter, and;

WHEREAS all transportation modes including fixed winged aircrafts are necessary to provide adequate access to the zone hospital, and;

WHEREAS Moose Factory currently does not have an airstrip to provide direct transportation by aircraft to those communities on the James Bay coast, and;

WHEREAS the Moose Band Chief has made a request for an airport and has not received a response, and;

WHEREAS the Chief's request is supported by the Jim Uiselt Inquiry that explicitly recommends an airport for Moose Factory;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that we, the Chiefs of the Mushkegowuk Council, support the request of the Moose Band for an airport.

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