Resolution Number: 1987-08-24Family Resources Weechahewin Centre
1987-08-24 EXCERPT:



Chief George Hunter

WeenusR Band

Chief Ernie T. Sutherland

Moose Factory Band

Adopted by Consensus

Certified copy of a Resolution adopted on: August 20, 1987

August 20, 1987

Kashechewan, Ontario



WHEREAS the family has always been the single most important unit of the Omushkegowuk, and;

WHEREAS we never surrendered our traditional land and aboriginal rights, including the right to manage our own affairs, and;

WHEREAS we, the Omushkegowuk, have established a corporation known as Payukotayno: James and Hudson Bay Family Services to supervise family services for our people, and;

WHEREAS we were never consulted when a Weechahewin Centre was established in Moosonee under the supervision of the Moosonee Development Area Board and the province of Ontario, and;

WHEREAS any family counselling service which is not rooted in our cultural and spiritual values and accountable to the Omushkegowuk can only further destroy the single most important unit on which our Nation is built, and;

WHEREAS delegates to this Assembly have expressed very serious concerns about the operation of the facility.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT this Assembly respectfully recommend to the Payukotayno Board of Directors that they seriously consider the possibility of taking over the supervision and control of the facility as soon as possible, and redirecting it so that it meets the needs of our people,

THEREFORE BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Minister of Community and Social Services for the province of Ontario be advised of this resolution.