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WHEREAS the New Post Band requests the Department of Indian Affairs to treat the Bands equally in same manner as other Mushkegowuk Tribal Bands, in regards to the housing subsidy, and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band is discriminated against since it does not receive adequate funding, and;

WHEREAS the system of equal financial payments is not sufficient to adequately address the need to maintain and improve the living conditions of the New Post Band membership, and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band only received a 1986-87 housing subsidy of $300,000.00 when it should have received $627,585.00 based on the amount of $41,585.00 per unit, and;

WHEREAS the Department of Indian Affairs total housing subsidy of $627,585.00 for fifteen units built in the 1986-87 fiscal year was not met.

TH[REFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT this Assembly supports the New Post Band in its demand that the balance of $327,585.00 be made available as soon as possible within the 1987-88 fiscal year.

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