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WHEREAS the Attawapiskat BŁnd Council has a Contribution Arrangement in place with the Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to hire Lathem Group Consultants to perform flood mapping studies for Fort Albany, Kashechewan and Attawapiskat communities, and;

WHEREAS the objectives of this study are to:

Evaluate and define limits and frequency of flooding;

Produce maps illustrating the extent and depth of flooding;

Undertake preliminary engineering inves­tigations to develop remedial measures and costs to reduce or eliminate flooding in flood-prone areas.

AND WHEREAS the second phase of this study wfll be completed by April 1988 and the final report to be presented by June 1988, and;

WHEREAS a similar study is being presently undertaken and jointly funded by Indian Affairs and Environment Canada without prior consultation of the Bands, and;

WHEREAS the Bands feels that this second study will produce conflicting results which could be used as a tool by the Government to withhold capital dollars for major projects and developments because of the communities being situated in flood prone areas.

Resolution No. 1987-43 Mushkegowuk Council continued

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT this General Assembly directs Department of Indian Affairs and Northern Development to hold off the second study until such time the Bands have carefully reviewed the final report on the study being done by the Lathem Group.

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