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WHEREAS the New Post Band requested a fairer share in funding from the Mushkegowuk Council and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band cannot maintain and improve the quality of living conditions with the present capital allocations it receives from the Department, and;

WHEREAS the Chiefs of the Mushkegowuk Council are aware that the New Post Band has acquired and built on a new reserve in the Cochrane area, and;

WHEREAS the funding system undermines our efforts to address the infrastructure require­ments that have to be met immediately in order to adequately serve our membership, and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band raised this concern in the past, but met only minimal success, and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band received $200,000.00 with the support of the Mushkegowuk Council during the 1986-87 fiscal year with New Post Band having failed to make it explicit that this contribution continue, and;

WHEREAS the New Post Band, for 1986-87, received only about $50,000.00 in capital allocation from Department of Indian Affairs.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT last year's arrangement between New Post Band and the Mushkegowuk Council Bands continue for each fiscal year until such time that the Department of Indian Affairs revises the formula for capital allocations to meet the base minimum of $200,000.00.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Directors be mandated to pursue the revision of the formula so as to bring about quick resolve of this gross inadequacy.

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