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WHEREAS MoCreeBec has, since their inception, been funded by the Grand Council of Crees (of Quebec) for the maintenance of an office and staff, and;

WHEREAS the Grand Council of Crees has decided to discontinue funding for MoCreeBec on October 1, 1987, and;

WHEREAS MoCreeBec represents the interests of its members on all fronts including Assemblies such as this and these activities are affected by this decision, and;

WHEREAS MoCreeBec is involved in a very crucial community consult which was originally suggested by the Grand Council of Crees and the Department of Indian Affairs but which is not yet completed, and;

WHEREAS the decision to cdntinue funding is not supported by MoCreeBec and that a supplementary budget for ongoing funding will be pursued by MoCreeBec with the Grand Council Crees (of Quebec).

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT this Assembly supports MoCreeBec wholeheartedly in their effort to reinstate their funding arrangements.

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