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WHEREAS the Aboriginal Urban Alliance consist

mostly of Treaty No. 9 Aboriginal people of Mushkegowuk membership who reside in urban areas of northern Ontario and elsewhere;

WHEREAS the said Aboriginal Alliance members may also make up about 50% of the Band list membership of the respective (Treaty No. 9) First Nations of Mushkegowuk Council membership;

AND WHEREAS Mushkegowuk Council members fully support the direct input ofits urban Aboriginal members in deliberations and planning of their collective self determination initiatives for Aboriginal government; business and economic development; education; land and resources planning; recognition and protection of treaty and Aboriginal rights; enhancement of social services and special tax exemption privileges; and other planning tasks to promote a better quality of life for all Mushkegowuk Council members and their people living both on and off their respective reserves;

Aboriginal Urban Alliance

New Post Reserve

BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Chiefs and delegates attending this Sixth Annual Assembly of Mushkegowuk Council at New Post on August 20 to 22, 1991, do hereby officially accept the official membership of the Aboriginal Urban Alliance who are also members of communities who are represented by the existing seven-member Mushkegowuk Council be invited and accorded as the eighth member of the Mushkegowuk Council with full membership privileges;

BE IT FINALLY RESOLVED that Mushkegowuk Council Constitution and By-Laws be revised accordingly to accommodate this additional membership change of the said Council.

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