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RESOLUTION NO. 1996-08-07


WHEREAS the traditional lands of the Mushkegowuk people have been used as a means of survival and a way of life since time immemorial;

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk traditional practises and livelihood as well as the way of life has been seriously eroded since the coming of the European;

WHEREAS the development of traditional lands by the European, has been done with no due regard or respect of our aboriginal and treaty rights to our lands;

WHEREAS this Assembly wishes to move forward by creating opportunities for its people in rebuilding our Nation;

WHEREAS these opportunities lie in the wise use and extraction of our natural resources;

WHEREAS the natural resources in our traditional lands must be developed by Mushkegowuk First Nations, First Nation business and First Nation corporate entities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Assembly of Mushkegowuk First Nations endorse a policy of First Nation directed resource development of the traditional lands of the Mushkegowuk people;

RESOLVED that until such time that each Mushkegowuk First Nation develops such a policy that no resource development occur north of the 50th parallel.

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