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RESOLUTION NO. 1996-08-10


WHEREAS elders of the Fort Albany First Nation have taken the initiative of starting a traditional teachings project;

WHEREAS this said project is intended to examine, research and document the traditional practises and laws of the Fort Albany First Nation;

WHEREAS such work will lead to returning to the traditional land use practices, a respect for land stewardship and traditional family hunting grounds, the waterfowl and game and the habitat, as well as measuring and realizing the extent of the economic potential of the land's natural resources;

WHEREAS the Fort Albany First Nation having spearheaded this project has secured funding for Phase One and are now ready to begin Phase Two;

WHEREAS the outcomes of this project will greatly assist the Fort Albany First Nation in the eventual co-management of its traditional lands as well as a sound basis for traditional teachings for future generations;

RESOLUTION NO. 1996-08-10 cont.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Assembly supports the Fort Albany First Nation's traditional teachings project and instructs the Mushkegowuk Council to work collaboratively with the Fort Albany First Nation by providing human and financial support through its education department, Kiskinnohamakaywi Weecheehitowin.

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