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RESOLUTION NO. 1996-08-25


WHEREAS there is a continuing need in the Mushkegowuk territories to deliver social services to Mushkegowuk members and to deal with social problems;

WHEREAS Mushkegowuk Council must continually seek to improve the delivery of its social services and to development of new social services to meet the needs of the people of the Mushkegowuk First Nations;

WHEREAS Mushkegowuk Council recognizes the need to ensure that the Mushkegowuk First Nations fully participate in this process;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Assembly directs Mushkegowuk staff to seek funds, and if funds can be identified to plan and to co-ordinate a Social Services Conference to discuss social problems that exist in Mushkegowuk territories and to discuss ways to better address them, and to attempt to hold such Conference before Christmas if possible.

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