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RESOLUTION NO. 1996-08-26


WHEREAS Pasico Development Corporation was established by Mushkegowuk Council to assist the economic development in the Mushkegowuk territories;

WHEREAS Pasico was intended to be ultimately responsible to the review and direction of Mushkegowuk Council;

WHEREAS Pasico is ultimately subject to the legal control of the Chiefs of Mushkegowuk Council;

WHEREAS Pasico has been unable to respond to some of the requests and requirements of the Board of Chiefs, and has been unable to make a report to the Mushkegowuk Annual Assembly;

WHEREAS it is the intention of the Assembly to provide a basis for renewed direction and work by Pasico;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Assembly requests and directs all directors of Pasico to resign, so as to allow each Chief either to reappoint his or her designated director, or to appoint a new director.

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