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RESOLUTION NO. 1998-08-29

WHEREAS in decades past numerous leases were granted to Ontario Hydro and other hydro providers in Mushkegowuk territory without any consultation or perrruss1on from Mushkegowuk First Nations; and

WHEREAS many of these long term leases are coming up for the renewal in the near future; and

WHEREAS the dams and flooding from these leases cause destruction of First Nation hunting, trapping and fishing resources, submersion and destruction of First Nation burial grounds, erosion, impediment to traditional navigation, and other effects harmful to Mushkegowuk First Nation communities and rights;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Chiefs in Assembly urge and require the provincial government and the Ministry of Natural Resources, Ontario Hydro, and other hydro resource developers to respect the Constitutional, Aboriginal and Treaty rights of the Mushkegowuk First Nations in any proposed hydro lease renewals;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that in any such proposed renewals the

appropriate First Nation be fully consulted, and that good faith discussions occur on conditions necessary for First Nations consent, which address such issues as any potential harmful effects on the First Nation, potential benefits such as revenue sharing, and redress for past grievances.

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