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RESOLUTION NO. 2000-08-34


WHEREAS Nishnawbe-Aski Nation Legal Services has secured funding from the Federal Department of Justice for a pilot project in Restorative Justice, including community accountability conferencing between victims and community members, in the Nishnawbe­Aski Nation tenitory; and

WHEREAS Attawapiskat had previously secured funding for an Elders' Court, which sat with the Ontario Court proceedings in the community and participated in sentencing of offenders;

WHEREAS termination of funding for the Attawapiskat Elders' Court has negatively affected the community's liability to take care of community social order, individual rehabilitation, and justice issues in accordance with Mushkegowuk traditions and needs; and

WHEREAS, during this 15th annual Assembly, delegates and leadership have expressed a desire to have Mush.kegowuk communities seek ways and means to take care of our own people in our traditional justice processes, which are culturally sensitive and relevant;


the Mushkegowuk Assembly directs Mushkegowuk Council staff to seek funding for a Community Accountability Conferencing program in one or more Mushkegowuk communities to compensate for the loss of the Elders' Comi service in Attawapiskat and other Mushkegowuk communities and to continue the improvement and expansion of Mushkegowuk self-government in justice matters.

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