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Resolution No. 2003-09-30


WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Council First Nations have a responsibility and desire to house its members; and

WHEREAS housing and overcrowding is a nagging and continually escalating problem in each community; and

WHEREAS many of the existing houses are inadequate and require renovations and upgrading; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Council First Nations have joined together to develop a Regional Housing and Capital Planning Authority (RHCPA) (to be formally named at a later date); and

WHEREAS the newly established RHCPA will "securitize" the funding commitments from the Government of Canada to accelerate housing and infrastructure development in the Mushkegowuk region; and

WHEREAS one component of the new RHCPA will develop the necessary partnerships with suppliers, transportation companies, etc., to reduce construction

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costs for housing and infrastructure development; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Council has had the opportunity to formally meet with large material suppliers and would like to form a partnership with one of the suppliers while at the same time retaining the majority of shares (51 %); and

WHEREAS the RHCPA will be negotiating on behalf of the Mushkegowuk First Nations along with INAC, financial institutions for the successful establishment of the RHCPA;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk First Nations fully support, in principle, the creation of the RHCPA; and

In trust, the Mushkegowuk RHCPA, lead by the Technical Services Department or its designate to negotiate on behalf of the First Nations with banks, suppliers, INAC, etc.

Directs the RHCPA to hold community consultation sessions to inform First Nation Chiefs and Councils and community members of the new initiative.

Directs the RHCPA to develop a memorandum of understanding with suppliers, INAC, financial institutions for the successful implementation of the RHCPA.

Directs the RHCPA to keep the Mushkegowuk Council First Nations, Chiefs and Councils, community members abreast of all new developments related to

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Allows the newly formed body to include all the housing and capital funding received from INAC's undedicated portion to develop a regional strategy to address the housing and infrastructure requirements of the individual First Nation communities with consultation with the individual First Nations to best meet their needs.

Directs the RHCPA to present the results of all the negotiations with suppliers, financial institutions and INAC.

The Mushkegowuk First Nations will retain control of the RHCPA and will have final say on the fate of the corporation. This resolution passed at the annual assembly will authorize the new RHCPA to solely negotiate on our behalf.

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