Resolution Number: 2004-09-04Health Service Plan For Health Intergration And Urgent Health Needs
2004-09-04 EXCERPT:

Resolution No. 2004-09-04

First Nation

Chief Leo Friday Kashechewan First Nation

First Nation

Fort Albany

First Nation

Chief Mike Metatawabin

Fort Albany First Nation

Moose Cree

First Nation

New Post

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Adopted by Consensus

Chapleau Cree

First Nation

Certified copy of a Resolution

passed on September 15/04

Missanabie Cree

First Nation

September 15, 2004

Cochrane, Ontario

Re: Health Service Plan for Health Integration and Urgent Health Needs

WHEREAS the government of Canada has committed to the provision of adequate health care to the Mushkegowuk people in its Treaty with the Mushkegowuk Nation and in its commitments made at the joining of Rupert's Land with Canada and elsewhere; and

WHEREAS the Weeneebayko Health Integration was created as a process leading toward improved health care and health status for residents in the James and Hudson Bay area; and

WHEREAS the Health Initiative Steering Committee has developed and approved in principle a Health Needs Services Plan that identifies the critical health care needs in Mushkegowuk Territory communities; and

WHEREAS the tripartite Health Needs Services Plan involves the participation, funding and jurisdiction of the Mushkegowuk First Nations and the Province of Ontario and the Government of Canada, but must not and does derogate in any way from the responsibilities and obligations of the Government of Canada under the

Treaty, or its Rupert's Land commitments, or otherwise; and

WHEREAS the level of health services in Kashechewan has been identified as needing urgent attention;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Assembly supports the decision of the Health Initiative Steering Committee to approve in principle the Health Services Plan and requests that this plan for addressing the critical health gaps in Kashechewan and other communities in Mushkegowuk Territories be presented to Canada and Ontario for urgent attention.