Resolution Number: 2004-09-20Support For Mushkegowuk Families By Child And Family Service Agencies
2004-09-20 EXCERPT:

Mushkegowuk Council 19th Annual Assembly

Resolution No. 2004-09-20

First Nation

Chief Mike Metatawabin

Fort Albany First Nation

First Nation

Fort Albany

First Nation

Chief Leo Friday

Kashechewan First Nation

Moose Cree

First Nation

New Post

First Nation

Adopted by Consensus

Chapleau Cree

First Nation

Certified copy of a Resolution

passed on Sept. 16, 2004

Missanabie Cree First Nation

September 16, 2004

Cochrane, Ontario

Support for Mushkegowuk Families by Child and Family Service Agencies

WHEREAS the preservation an support of healthy families in Mushkegowuk Territories is fundamental to the future of the Mushkegowuk Nation; and

WHEREAS the services provided by provincially funded Child and Family Service Agencies (CFSA) in Mushkegowuk Territory can have a large impact on Mushkegowuk children and families; and

WHEREAS CFSA can cause great harm to Mushkegowuk communities if they give too much weight to provincial policies that are unsuitable for a First Nations territory, or if CFSA carry out their work in a way that results in the removal of children from their Mushkegowuk families and communities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that a central priority for CFSA dealing with our Mushkegowuk people be to keep Mushkegowuk immediate families together, to keep Mushkegowuk children with the families, and to keep Mushkegowuk children within their community and within Mushkegowuk Territory;

Resolution No. 2004-09-20, cont.

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that CFSA operating within Mushkegowuk Territories be urged to develop draft protocols, for review by Mushkegowuk Council, setting out how these priorities can be implemented.