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Resolution No. 2005-09-27

Resource Development and Land Use Planning

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Council in Assembly has endorsed and reaffirmed the rights of the Mushkegowuk people to the lands, resources and environment we have occupied since time immemorial; and

WHEREAS our Mushkegowuk territories are rich in natural resources and the Mushkegowuk people have a direct interest in managing future use of those resources; and

WHEREAS there is a great potential for the future development of hydro-electric power, wind power, mineral resources, timber, seaports, traditional harvesting and other natural wealth in the Mushkegowuk territories.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the First Nations of Mushkegowuk Council recognize the need for a planning process that would be community-based to guide future land-use and resource development activities throughout the territories; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Mushkegowuk Council undertake discussions with the Province of Ontario and other parties regarding an appropriate co­planning process which respects Mushkegowuk land rights and control, including as set out in Mushkegowuk Council's Land and Resources Protocol and Mushkegowuk Council's Rupert's Land

Resolution No. 2005-09-27, Page 2

Protection Pledge lawsuit, and to coordinate the implementation of such a process.

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