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Resolution No. 2006-09-40

Mushkegowuk Youth Unity Run Team

WHEREAS the Youth of Mushkegowuk participated in the Unity Run for the National Cree Gathering that travelled from Saddle Lake, Alberta to Moose Factory to carry the Cree traditions and teachings on behalf of all Cree Youth; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Unity Run Team gained traditional teachings, experienced traditional ceremonies, self respect and self identity including the responsibility to Cree culture; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Youth in the spirit of the Medicine Wheel approach will encourage and support the Mushkegowuk member First Nation communities to ensure that Youth representatives form a Mushkegowuk Youth Unity Run Team, to run from Moose Factory to Grand Rapids, Manitoba.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Assembly mandates the Youth Department will ensure the Unity Run Team will be given the teachings on the Unity Run and will seek funding through corporate , and private sponsors including member First Nation communities.

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