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Resolution No. 2007-09-11

Mushkegowuk Affiliated Corporations

WHEREAS concerns continue to be expressed regarding the mandate, purpose and benefit of the established Mushkegowuk Affiliated Corporations and their direct or indirect impact upon the interests or development of individual Mushkegowuk communities; and

WHEREAS there continues to be a perceived negative impact upon the Mushkegowuk communities attributed to the day to day business undertaken by these Mushkegowuk Affiliated Corporations; and,

WHEREAS this perception is cause for concern regarding accountability and reporting to the leadership of individual Mushkegowuk communities by these Mushkegowuk Affiliated Corporations;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Chiefs and Delegates in Assembly mandate the Grand Chief and Executive to conduct a review of all Mushkegowuk Affiliated Corporations in the areas of mandate, reporting, relationship, accountability, role and responsibility with the view of strengthening the unity amongst our member communities, and, in support of the movement towards self-determination and Nation Building.

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