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Resolution No. 2007-09-12

Assessment of Impacts for Remediation of the Mid-Canada Line

WHEREAS the Mid-Canada Line was constructed across the Mushkegowuk Territory without the approval or endorsement of the First Nations; and

WHEREAS the Mid-Canada Line was abandoned and neglected by both the governments of Ontario and Canada, causing significant and widespread harm to the lands, waters, wildlife and Peoples of the Mushkegowuk Territory; and

WHEREAS the Governments of Canada and Ontario are currently negotiating a cost­sharing agreement for remediation of the sites;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Assembly calls for an environmental assessment of potentially significant negative impacts associated with the remediation process including the transportation of PCB-contaminated waste over James and Hudson Bays to be completed prior to the undertaking of these activities;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that both the assessment process and final reports be reviewed by the Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs, and any unresolved major concerns brought to the attention of the relevant community, all with the goal of having the project proceed safely and expeditiously.

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