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Resolution No. 2007-09-24

Declaration of Unity

WHEREAS we the Omushkego lnninu, since time immemorial have existed in the coastal and inland areas of James and Hudson Bay as the First Peoples of the region, celebrating a strong heritage based upon a harmonious relationship with the land including strong kinship ties; and

WHEREAS we the Omushkego lnninu are a proud Nation composed of Omushkego citizens united through kinship, language, culture, spirituality, history, traditional governance practices and common harvesting areas; and

WHEREAS we the Omushkego lnninu have adapted to changes impacting our society, kinship structure, language, culture, spirituality and traditional harvesting practices.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Assembly hereby declares and affirms the unity of the Omushkego lnninu including the protection, maintenance and enhancement of the characteristics which identify us as a unique and proud Omushkego Nation as well as the reinstatement of our inherent right to practice traditional governance within our Omushkego homelands.

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