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Resolution No. 2007-09-27

Cree Language Immersion

WHEREAS Elders, parents and community members have expressed a concern for the loss of Cree Language among the Youth within our communities as the language of communication; and

WHEREAS recent studies have indicated that Cree Language is no longer considered as one of the Aboriginal Languages that will survive as a means of communication in the generations to come; and

WHEREAS studies have proven that instruction of children in their mother tongue has proven to revive, maintain and preserve a language; and

WHEREAS there has been an expressed interest among community members to the research, development and implementation of a Cree Language Immersion Program within their community;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Chiefs and Delegates in Assembly mandate the Grand Chief and the Executive to direct Omushkego Education to explore the concept of a Regional Cree Language Immersion Strategy including a First Nation Pilot Project; and

FURTHER BE IT RESOLVED that Omushkego Education coordinate a regional gathering of educators and leaders to assist in the exploration of this unique and important strategy.

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