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Resolution No. 2007-09-36

Oil Spill Contamination in Attawapiskat

WHEREAS many years in the past the activities of a number of government agencies and utilities resulted in major spills of large quantities of fuel oil within the Attawapiskat community and Indian Reserve; and

WHEREAS these spills have spread in depth and width in the soil in the community, and the contamination poses a threat to the health of community residents and detracts from the usability of certain areas of the community; and

WHEREAS both the federal and provincial governments bear moral and legal responsibility for these harmful effects of their actions on the Attawapiskat community; and

WHEREAS some government officials have tried to deny responsibility, including on the grounds of legally expired time limits;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Assembly supports the community of Attawapiskat in asking for immediate clean-up of the soil contamination in Attawapiskat by fuel oil spills in the past.

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