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Resolution No. 2011-09-37

Support for Missanabie Cree FN Homelands

WHEREAS the people and First Nations of Mushkegowuk Council celebrate with the Omushkego people of Missanabie Cree First Nation their progress in re-establishing their traditional homelands, of which they were wrongfully dispossessed; and

WHEREAS Missanabie Cree First Nation continues to work to realize its jurisdiction and use of its traditional homelands; and

WHEREAS the Missanabie Cree First Nation, as a result of the arbitrary and unjust historical imposition of artificial Treaty and other boundaries by non­native governments in the past, continues to face issues in re­establishing and reclaiming its rightful traditional territories; and

WHEREAS the Missanabie Cree First Nation is working to resolve issues of overlapping and neighbouring First Nation jurisdictions; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk Council First Nations have always sought to live in friendship and alliance with their neighbouring First Nations;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this 26th Mamowihitowin of the Mushkegowuk Council supports the Missanabie Cree First Nation in its

efforts to re-establish and reclaim its traditional homelands, in a spirit of First Nation friendship and alliance.

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