Resolution Number: 2012-09-21Mutual Support
2012-09-21 EXCERPT:

Attawapiskat First Nation

Kashechewan First Nation

Fort Albany First Nation

Moose Cree First Nation

Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Chapleau Cree First Nation

Missanabie Cree First Nation

Mushkegowuk Council 27th Annual Mamowihitowin

Jutta Horn, Proxy Missanabie Cree First Nation

Chief Rex Knapaysweet Fort Albany First Nation

Certified copy of a resolution passed

on September 14, 2012

September 14, 2012

Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Resolution No. 2012-09-21

Mutual Support

WHEREAS the Omushkegowuk stand united and continue to work together to establish a better future for our People; and

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk First Nations have many economic opportunities and expertise within our communities;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that this Mamowihitowin of the Omushkegowuk re-affirms the importance of the First Nations in seeking out and supporting Omushkegowuk business ventures and services as a priority over non-native services and supports in order to enable our communities to prosper and succeed;

BE IT FUTHER RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk First Nations should explore opportunities to work collectively in obtaining essential supports and services such as bulk ordering in order to secure cost savings for our communities.

Resolution No. 2012-09-21