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Resolution No. 2012-09-27

Support for Mushkegowuk Treaty Implementation Talks with Ontario

WHEREAS the discovery of the historical diaries of Ontario • Treaty Commissioner Daniel MacMartin has shown that government representatives made far-reaching oral promises in 1905 and 1906 as part of the Treaty agreement between the federal and provincial and Mushkegowuk First Nations; and

WHEREAS the oral treaty promises made and accepted in the Treaty recognized the pre-existing and future control of the Mushkegowuk ancestral territory by the Omushkego; and

WHEREAS those oral Treaty promises remain legally and constitutionally binding today; and

WHEREAS those Treaty promises impose an obligation on provincial and federal governments to meet and discuss with the Mushkegowuk Council methods for respecting and accommodating Omushkegowuk land control and governance in the future; and

WHEREAS the province of Ontario has agreed to delegate a number of senior representatives to hold good-faith

discussions with Mushkegowuk Council representatives about the potential for mutual treaty implementation strategies, and several such meetings have been held and have been productive;

WHEREAS Ontario has stated that the province is taking a risk in participating at this table, but the province has also recognized that the province has obligations under the Treaty, and is willing to meet and talk about the Treaty; and

WHEREAS we view these talks as the beginning of government -to -government discussions on the Treaty,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Mushkegowuk Grand Chief and other Omushkego representatives continue talks with Ontario representatives to explore possible steps and strategies and pilot projects for implementing the oral promises made as part of Treaty 9.

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