Resolution Number: 2015-10-21Investigating The Possibility Of Expansion Of Suboxone And Opioid Clinics In Mushkegowuk Territory
2015-10-21 EXCERPT:

Mushkegowuk Council 30th Annual Mamowihitowin

Resolution No. 2015-10-21

Attawapiskat First Nation

Jackie Fletcher

Missanabie Cree First Nation

Kashechewan First Nation

Roger Archibald, Proxy Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Fort Albany First Nation

Moose Cree First Nation

Taykwa Tagamou Nation

Chapleau Cree First Nation

Certified copy of a resolution passed on October 22nd, 2015

Missanabie Cree First Nation

October 22, 2015

Missanabie Cree First Nation

Investigating the Possibility of Expansion of Suboxone and Opioid Clinic(s) in Mushkegowuk Territory

WHEREAS Mushkegowuk Council wishes to provide more effective advisory services to its members to address the challenges of Trauma, substance and alcohol abuse related rehabilitation efforts in Attawapiskat, Kashechewan, Fort Albany, Moose Cree, Taykwa Tagamou, Chapleau Cree and Missanabie Cree First Nations, and;

WHEREAS Mushkegowuk Council wishes to build on the recommendations from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC) and the Peoples Inquiry (Suicide) reports and other such reports, and;

WHEREAS a Suboxone clinic presently exists in Weeneebayko hospital but expansion of services and extension to other communities is necessary;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that in support of addressing the challenges of better health care and well-being in our communities that delegates of the Mamowihitowin of Omushkegowuk hereby express their support for the investigation of the expansion of prescription drug abuse assistance and opioid addiction assistance and the expansion of one or more Suboxone clinics in Mushkegowuk territory.

Resolution No. 2015-10-21