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Resolution No. 2018-11-17

Development of Education for Special Needs Children in Mushkegowuk Territory

WHEREAS Education within Mushkegowuk Territory is a fundamental right of every Mushkegowuk person and child; and

WHEREAS a thorough study has never been done to determine the needs or numbers of children within our communities or schools that have special needs; and

WHEREAS special needs children with Autism and other related disorders must travel out of our communities to receive educational services if and when accepted or approved for special schools in Ontario; and

WHEREAS only two such Provincial Schools exist to provide this service in Ontario, in Belleville and London; and

WHEREAS no Provincial Schools exist specific to the service of special needs children ofthe Aboriginal populations in Ontario;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Executive of Mushkegowuk be directed to explore and undertake the gathering of necessary data to support and explore the possibility with respective Governments of the idea of establishing special needs education services in the Mushkegowuk region; and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the findings of this initiative be brought back and reported to the next Mushkegowuk AGA.

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