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Resolution No. 2018-11-18

Omushkego Vision Conference

WHEREAS we the Omushkego have always lived together on the lands and waters the Creator granted to us as stewards;

WHEREAS the community members and Chiefs and Councillors and Elders of the Mushkegowuk First Nations and Mushkegowuk communities must constantly deal with the issues that affect them regarding health, education, hunting and fishing and pursuits on the land, resource development, environmental protection, and many other issues;

WHEREAS it is also critically important that we all talk together about what our goals and pathways are for the longer-term future, as individual First Nations and as Mushkegowuk peoples together as a Nation, five years and ten years and twenty years from now, and longer;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Chiefs and Delegates of the 33rd Annual Mamowihitowin direct the Executive Office of Mushkegowuk Council to organize a two or three day Chiefs' Conference to discuss longer-term goals and pathways of the Omushkego First Nations and communities together.

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