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Resolution No. 2020-01-12


Whereas the existing Nursing Station Facility Kashechewan currently federally funded facility; and

Whereas for the past several years the local health providers administering health services from the Kashechewan Nurses Station have been seriously challenged to provide and meet the current health service needs from the Kashechewan Nurses Station, including community wide health crisis, due to outdated and inadequate facilities; and

Therefore be it resolved that outdated and inadequate health service facilities is a major contributing factor to our health crisis and like all other citizens in Ontario have, the Kashechewan citizens and service providers deserve modern state of the art health care facilities; and

Therefore be it further resolved that in respect and honor of the Treaty promises and obligations, the Chiefs and delegates of this Kihchinaskishatowin of the Omushkegowuk calls on Canada, Ontario and Weeneebayko Area Health Authority to add an extension to the current Nurses Station in Kashechewan to give additional office and treatment areas;

Therefore be it further resolved that WAHiFA fulfill the obligation that supported the expansion of the Kashechewan facility that was committed to in previous resolutions.

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