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Resolution No. 2021-11-21

Special Needs Strategy

WHEREAS approximately half of the First Nation population children require special needs services (physiotherapy, occupational therapy and speech and language) and/or specialized equipment/services in the Mushkegowuk First Nations; and

WHEREAS; Mushkegowuk Council is in the final year of operating its Jordan's Principle Unit which is a three-year funding arrangement originally approved in 2019; and

WHEREAS; Provincially-funded rehabilitation services have been delivered to approximately 50 high needs children, but there remains a conservative estimate of children who still require intervention at various stages for assessment and service delivery; and

WHEREAS; The infrastructure, services organizations and financial resources necessary to support the access of families and children to support services within their communities are non-existent or minimal; and

WHEREAS; families are also hindered from obtaining services in their communities by a lack of practitioners on-site, thus they must travel to southern locations which is costly and creates financial hardships;

Mushkegowuk O.M.A continue with the development of expanded and comprehensive services under the Special Needs Strategy; and

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED the Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs support decentralizing services in the form of a Children First Centre of Excellence in the James Bay region; and


Mushkegowuk Council of Chiefs supports Mushkegowuk O.M.A in the submission for funding for the expansion of the Special Needs Strategy and further develop Child Development Services.

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