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Resolution No. 2022-09-18

Regional Youth Council

WHEREAS Omushkego youth are leaders of today; and

WHEREAS Omushkego Youth are strong, resilient, gifted, and possess a wealth of knowledge; and

WHEREAS the establishment of a Regional Youth Council will be youth driven and provide youth with the opportunity to build leadership skills and advocate for their peers; and

WHEREAS the Regional Youth Council will research and advocate for youth opportunities in sports, recreation, music, arts, dance, culture, tradition, the workforce or any other area in which youth are impacted; and

WHEREAS the Regional Youth Council will explore the idea of introducing a Youth Grand Chief position; and

WHEREAS the Regional Youth Council will fill an important role in having Omushkego Youth involved in decision making processes;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that direction be given to the Mushkegowuk Youth Department to establish, support, and develop a Regional Youth Council driven by youth; and

RESOLVED that once the Regional Youth Council is established they coordinate a Community Engagement tour to meet with youth at the grassroots level to identify the needs of Omushkego Youth in their respective communities; and

RESOLVED that the 36th Annual Mamowihitowin fully support the creation of a Regional Youth Council to serve as an advisory body to the Council of Chiefs in matters related to the needs of the Omushkego Youth.

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