Resolution Number: 2022-09-21Preserving And Revitalizing Our Spiritual Cree Language
2022-09-21 EXCERPT:

Mushkegowuk Council

36Annual Mamowihitowin

Deputy Chief Earl Cheechoo

Moose Cree First Nation

William Cachagee, Elder Delegate Chapleau Cree First Nation

Certified copy of a resolution passed on September 14, 2022

September 13, 2022

Moose Factory, ON.

Resolution No. 2022-09-21

Preserving and Revitalizing our Spiritual Cree Language

WHEREAS the Mushkegowuk are the proud Nations of Omushkegowuk/lninimowin (Cree), the lniniwuk/People; and

WHEREAS the first language of the Mushkegowuk Nations is Cree, a language that is spiritual, sacred, identifies as a Nation and is God-given; and

WHEREAS unfortunately, many of our community members that are fluent in our lninimowin language are leaving us and taking our beautiful sacred lninimowin language with them; and

WHEREAS despite community efforts to preserve and revive our lninimowin language, the decline continues at a very concerning rate for all of our Mushkegowuk Nations;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the Chiefs and delegates of this Mamowihitowin Continue to express our serious concern about the steady decline of our First language lninimowin of the Mushkegowuk Nations; and

BE IT FlNALLY RESOLVED that the Chiefs and delegates of this Mamowihitowin of the Omushkegowuk direct the Office of the Grand Chief to

conduct a special Preserving and Revising our Spiritual Cree Language conference to develop a regional strategy to protect, retain, and revitalizes our beautiful language of the Mushkegowuk lninimowin.

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